NLP in Selling

author of NLP in Selling

author of NLP in Selling

Selling is a complex process. In order to succeed, sales professionals need to have self-esteem, and a proven technique to get through each sale. Sales expert Robert Mark Jakobsen teaches and inspires with practical tools and techniques.

The book presents:

• What is NLP?

• The art of selling

• NLP and setting your goals

• NLP and the customer

• Preparation and sales

• The long-term relationship

Learn how to:

• Motivate yourself and others

• Handle Objections

• Develop a mental sales game plan to win

• Let customers tell you what to tell them

• Build Rapport and Trust

• Probe and Listen

• Close the deal

• Keep long term relationships with your customer

Perfect for both sales novices and veterans.

It is a must-read for anyone seeking sales excellence.

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